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From first scheduled departure, Monday, 26 September 2022 - until further notice
(modified at 2022.09.16. 10:41)


Please note that from 26 September, a new stop opens on the route of bus 281 in the intersection of Vágóhíd utca and Holló utca in both directions.

In the direction of the Ferencvárosi rendelőintézet stop, the bus serves the tram replacement bus of Haller utca/Mester utca in Mester utca, ahead of Haller utca.

In the direction of Aszódi utca, the bus runs on a modified route on the route of Mester utca–Vágóhíd utca–Üllői út, not serving the Haller utca/Mester utca, the Balázs Béla utca and the Nagyvárad tér M stops, however enters the tram replacement bus stop of Vágóhíd utca in Mester utca and runs at the intersection of Vágóhíd utca and Fehér Holló utca and also ahead of Üllői út at Nagyvárad tér.

Affected route:
  • 281

    Aszódi utca