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From first scheduled departure, Saturday, 2 July - until 8:45, Tuesday, 2 August
(modified at 2022.08.02. 08:45)


On Saturday, a new bus service, line 132E will be introduced between Havanna-lakótelep and Kőbánya-Kispest. The bus will run on Ady Endre út and will serve Kispesti temető and Templom tér stops, and will run in both directions via Barta Lajos utca in Havanna-lakótelep.

Bus 194M will continue to run as line 142E every 15-20 minutes also on weekdays late in the evening and at weekends and will also stop at the Kispest temető in both directions.

Bus 136E bus will continue to run as line 136 and will also serve Lajosmizsei sorompó, Villanytelep, Kispest-Kossuth tér and Simonyi Zsigmond utca stops.

At weekends and on public holidays, buses 132E, 136 and 142E can only be boarded at the front door on presentation of a valid ticket or pass.

Affected routes:
  • 132E
    Fiatalság utca
    Kőbánya-Kispest M
  • 136
    Fiatalság utca
    Kőbánya-Kispest M
  • 142E
    Ipacsfa utca
    Határ út M