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From first scheduled departure, hétfő, 1 május 2023 - until 14:15, szombat, 8 július 2023
(modified at 2023.07.08. 14:15)


Please note that a new busline marked with 210 is launched between Svábhegy and Gyöngyösi utca M during weekdays, while a new line marked with 210B is launched between Normafa and Gyöngyösi utca M at weekends.

Buses run between Gyöngyösi utca M and Királyhágó tér on the route of busline 105, between Királyhágó tér and Svábhegy on the route of busline 212A and between Királyhágó tér and Normafa on the route of busline 212.

Affected routes:
  • 210
    Gyöngyösi utca M
  • 210B
    Gyöngyösi utca M
    Normafa, látogatóközpont